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We have found the best prices on Sonos bundles with home theatre and ultimate surround sound Sonos package deals. Unbelievable value for money with huge savings on wireless speakers, sub-woofers and soundbars combined. Find the perfect Sonos kit to completely transform your home entertainment system with unlimited streaming music.

Sonos 5.1 home cinema system

Right at the top of our list, the ultimate 5.1 home cinema surround sound system by Sonos includes two PLAY:5 speakers for full-bodied crisp detailed sound. A Sonos SUB for deep bass with no buzz. Combined with a Sonos PLAYBAR that will elevate movies and music streaming giving you as close to true 5.1 surround sound as possible in your living room.

Best Deal on SONOS True Surround Sound Experience Bundle, Black

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Price: £2,276.35

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Sonos 5.1 home theatre bundle

The home theatre bundle includes two PLAY:1 speakers for richly textured HiFi sound. A powerful Sonos Subwoofer for loud bass combined with a Sonos Soundbar for cinematic sound. Each device can be used as a standalone speaker or together for 5.1 surround sound. Whether you plan on elevating home movies, gaming or throwing the biggest party on the street this Sonos package deal is a best seller and the reviews speak for themselves.

Best Deal on SONOS 5.1 Home Theatre System Bundle, Black

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Sonos 5.0 home theatre package

Sonos package deal includes popular PLAY:1 wireless speakers and the new highly rated Sonos BEAM. The latest model features Alexa voice-activation and rich room-filling sounds for total entertainment in the comfort of your own home.

Best Deal on Sonos 5.0 Home Theatre System, Black (with 1x Beam and 2x Play: 1 Speakers)

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Sonos 5.0 home cinema bundle

Popular Sonos 5.0 surround sound set with a powerful Sonos PLAYBAR and speaker array that fills any size room. Create a surround sound experience with rear PLAY 1 wireless speakers that can be used to enhance TV, home movies, radio, podcasts and more including Sonos music streaming services.

Best Deal on SONOS 5.0 Home Theatre System, Black

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Sonos 3.1 home entertainment bundle

The mini Sonos home entertainment bundle can be used to create 3.1 sound or paired with existing wireless speakers such as the Sonos PLAY 5 to create true 5.1 sound.

Best Deal on SONOS 3.1 Home Theatre Bundle

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Price: £1,378.35